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Friday, May 29, 2015


Tips On How To Lose Side Fat

Are you one of those people who find it hard to whittle their waistlines?

Some feel that losing an inch or two from their midsection can make a wonderful difference in their lives that's if they can make it happen.

Learning how to lose side fat  is not hard, it's an uphill climb but entirely possible and achievable, You can get the results you want when you commit and preserve in following these steps:

                                                                  1- Eat A Hearty Breakfast 

Studies have shown that taking breakfast within the hour you wake up or after exercising early in the morning helps your body keep your insulin level balanced and your cholesterol levels lower.

As such, you're less likely to deal with fitness-damaging cravings at other times of the day and are more likely to stick to your diet plan.

Make sure that you eat breakfast at the same time daily so you don't throw your body  clock off also, see to it that your breakfast meal isn't packed with sugar-rich foods like waffles, pancakes, sugar-coated cereals, french toast, or buttery pastries. Go for high fiber and protein rich food like eggs, fresh fruits, and vegetables.

You can have a sweet treat of a moderate portion in the mornings but only as dessert, not your main meal.

                                                  1-sleep at least seven hours each night

This will help keep your body clock ticking at an even and steady rhythm, as well as support the benefits of eating breakfast.

Sleeping  for six hours or less may trigger the spike of certain hormones, especially those that induce cravings for sugary and fatty foods.

Also, you still burn calories even as you sleep so it's smart to let your body burn off those calories without you having to break into a sweat.

For more information you can read: how sleep can help to lose more side fat

                                             3- Avoid Late Night Snacking

Your body needs less energy in the evening as it is preparing to wind down after a full day of activity.

The excess calories you take in at night are most likely to be stored as fat, especially in your belly Instead, save your calorie-laden feeding for the start of the day and eat less in the evening.

                                                  4-Break Up Your Meals Of The Day

Instead of having three big meals, why don't you divide them into five or six small meal?

Space them out evenly, so you're constantly feeding yourself, which keeps your metabolism going.

Starving yourself or restricting your food intake will just put your body into self-preservation mode, which means your metabolism will burn at a slower rate to conserve energy.

Make sure that your meals have plenty of greens and lean proteins, They should also be low in calories.

                                               5-Exercice with intensity

You don't really have to workout for hours just to shave of inches off your waist.

You can do short intense routines that burn more calories and take up less time, start with two-minute workout intervals, For examples you can run as fast as you can for that period of time and the rest for a minute before going back to sprinting.

you can also do steps for that same amount of time and take one-minute breaks in between or you can do a plank for a full minute and rest  in between intervals.

                                                6-Drink A Lot Of Water

Drinking a lot of water will help your body flush out toxins and wastes, this also helps you feel full and keep from feeling hunger pangs.

that's it for today if you have any question please feel free to write it in the comment section below and I will answer as soon as possible.

this article is from and a lot information has been corrected and added
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Sunday, May 3, 2015


How Sleep Can Help You Lose More Side Fat

Today we are going to talk about how sleep can help to lose more side fat.

So when it comes to how to lose side fat there is really three things you have to do, workout, eat right and recovery.

The majority of your recovery is really sleep so if you don't get enough sleep you're literally not doing one out of the three that's almost like saying you wanna have sexy obliques, but you don't workout but I eat well and I sleep, that's not going to work you got to have all three.

A lot of people think that working out and eating is important which it is but sleeping is nothing.

What you need to understand is when it comes to making sure that you burn your side fat that your body rest properly so you can function next day.

sleeping is just as important as workout and eating but if you don't sleep enough you are going to find yourself tired.

before we talk about how sleeping can burn your love handles we will talk about how sleeping less can make you gain more fat.

the effects of lack sleeping

1-When you sleep your body produces hormones it releases actually growth hormones along with a whole bunch of other hormones that will help your body and your brain to recover and at the same time burning fat so if you don't sleep well your body won't produce enough hormones.

2- If you don't get enough sleep your appetite is going to increase that night because you supposed to be sleeping and relaxing but yet you're running around doing something or maybe just online whatever it is your body is still up and at that point you're gonna be hungry but over to the study that  have shown that people tend to eat bad late that night, junk food and stuff like that, they will power is all exhausted so they are not eating healthy food and that equals more fat.

3-Another reason why sleeping less can make you fat is  that the people that sleep less also tend to workout less because the don't have the energy and even if you are a committed man and you can make to the gym you won't push yourself to the point where he will burn fat.

Those are reasons why sleeping is related directly to losing side fat, everything has to fit.

                                                                    How to sleep better 

You need to get 7 to about 9 hours of sleep make sure that you don't get too much sleep, if you over do it your body will starve and will start breaking on your muscle, it's the same thing for people who go to work or to school without having their breakfast and as we said before the more muscle you have the more body fat you will burn.

So here are some tips that will help you to sleep better.

1-Stretch before going to sleep, so I actually recommend doing yoga because unlike a lot of other activities yoga is really calm and helps you relax it also helps your muscles to relax, last thing you want to do is any exercise before going to bed like push-ups or sit-ups.

2-The right environment, so you don't want to have bright lights because the bright lights to your brain signal it's waking up right because we live under the sun, over the years we developed that habit so if you enter to your bedroom and it's bright your brain will think that it's the daytime this is just how our brain function.

3-Make sure that your bedroom is used only for two things which are sleep and sex that's it nothing else, what happens is people will use their bedrooms for everything other then what is supposed to do, your supposed to use your bedroom for sleeping, what you don't want to do is things like work, watch tv and working out because you don't want to relate your bedroom with all these other activities, certain areas in your house have a certain designated thing and also don't leave any type of electronics in your room.

4- Make your bedroom colder, so a lot of people don't realize but your body need to be at a certain temperature in order for you to fall in sleep, if your body is too hot you're not going to be able to get a deep sleep so just turn the AC down, another thing  don't do anything before your bed that heat's up your body and that's why you don't want to workout because working out increases your body temperature.

5- The last tip for today is to not sleep on a full stomach, most people think because they want to burn fat and they're thinking if I sleep on a full stomach it's not going to burn it's just gone sit there next day I wake up and the food will barely be gone and even though a part of that is true but another reason why is because when you eat and then you go right to bed, your body is trying to digest the food but when you lay down and go to sleep the food instead of going downwards it starts to go upwards with all the acid and why you feel your chest burning.

That's it for today I hope you get some information from this post and don't forget to read other posts that we right on how to lose side fat 

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Monday, April 13, 2015


The Absolute Fastest Way To Lose Side Fat

We're going to talk about how to lose your side fat, the tips and strategy that I'm going to talk about might be a little different than what you think I'm sure that you're going to be surprised but before we do that I want to talk about something that I think is even more important than workout and nutrition.

Willpower will be the driving force that's going to determine whether you get something done or whether you let excuses and life get in the way, think about the last time you stuck to a diet and the last time you stuck to a workout programme and stay consistent on working out.

If you think about it what cause you to stop, First of everybody is gone go ahead and start naming all these excuses you know these real-life excuses that come in the way.

If you have a very high willpower you can overcome all these excuses if you have a very high will power no matter what challenges life throws at us we can overcome it and crush it.

You should really read this articles:

                                                        How To burn your side fat

Let's go ahead and talk about  how to burn your side fat and I think a lot of people don't know how because they think that working on abs and doing a lot of workouts is gonna  burn their love handles.

The best way that I can explain it is giving analogy with two cars, let's say we have two cars one on my left and the other on my right, the car on my left has a 100 horsepower and the car on my right hand has 500 horsepower which one do you think will Consume  100 gallons of gasoline first ? the answer is pretty simple everybody  knows that the 500 horsepower will burn faster.

Now I want you to think about our bodies that work actually very similar, the muscle in our body are basically like the horsepower in a car and the fat in our body is like gasoline in a car when we go ahead and work our muscles our muscles need fuel or the fat in our body so basically the whole idea is if bigger engine car burns more gasoline then it's the same idea for our body the more muscle you have the faster you will burn your love handles so the next your wondering  why you have to do so much cardio and so much workout and you only burn a little bit of fat that's the reason why, you can still get the results that you want, but it takes  such a long time .

You want to do it faster and more efficient so what you need to do is build more muscles, next time you're working on squats,push-ups or biceps curl just remember the muscles that your building is responsible for burning your side fat and as I said previously on how to get rid  of side fat don't work your obliques until you get shredded.

Here are the criteria that you need to follow when it comes to working out:

1- workout4-5 days/week

2- 20-45 minute workouts

3- rest 30 sec between sets

4- do cardio for only 10 minutes

One more tip, when you doing exercises do compound exercises which involve multiple muscles groups like squats.

The last thing is food, the best advice I can give you on food is very simple cook your meals     I know that a lot of man's don't know how to cook so all you have to do is keeping your cooking very simple and also every meal need to have:

1- proteins

2- carbohydrates

3- vegetables and fruits

that's it for today if you have any question  on how to lose side fat  just right it in the comment section below and I will answer it as soon as I see it.

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Saturday, April 11, 2015


Causes Of Side Fat

Side fat is one of the biggest problem that face man and woman in their way to a great sexy body.

It's really hard to get rid of it, but it's not  impossible if you follow a good workout and healthy diet plan.

Knowing what causes this problem in an important step to know how to lose side fat.
Today, we are going to talk about the most common thing that causes love handles.

                                                                Cause #1
                                               Excess Body Fat

If you have a body fat percentage of over 25 or 26 percent and you just started your workout programme and diet about a month to 2 month ago and it's not just going away yet give it time.

The way to get off those love handles is just going to be a good diet and exercise and by now you are probably saying "I've been working out for six weeks and I haven"t seen any result" you've been accumulating this body for months or even years so it's gone take a little bit of time to get your body back to normal so just be patient, keep going and keep doing your lean healthy diet.

The Excess body fat  can cause a lot of health problem like heart disease, type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure.

Brandon carter has made a video on how to burn body fat and it's really helped me you should really watch it. 
                                                                     Cause #2
                                            Estrogen Dominance

Estrogen dominance is exactly what it sound like excess of estrogen, if you have more estrogen than progesterone   and also if you have more bad estrogen than good estrogen.

You have probably had estrogen dominance at one point of your life and if you haven't you are very very lucky.

It could very well be the causes of your side fat,so if you overall pretty healthy you diet you exercise and you're working very hard but you still have this side fat and you can get rid of it than you might be experiencing estrogen dominance.

There are two causes of estrogen dominance,the first cause is that Maybe your body is just like this and maybe you just naturally produce too much estrogen , the second cause  could be the stuff that you're eating and that you're putting on your skin.

Estrogen dominance can be treated, watch this video for more information

                                                                  Cause #3
                                            Muscular Imbalance

The last major reason that you may have side fat is due to muscular imbalance.
A lot of people have a desk job a lot of people are sitting all day long  which makes their abdominal muscle, glutes and hamstrings very weak and  this causes something called   "anterior pelvic tilt" which look like this

If you are suffering from "anterior pelvic tilt" don't worry it can be fixed and this is a video that will help you to do that.

Now that you know what causes side fat read this post to know how to get rid of side fat

This article Was taken from: and a lot of wrong information has been  corrected.
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Wednesday, April 8, 2015


How to get rid of side fat

Side fat also known as love handles are basically like little pockets of fat on the side of your hips.

What most guy's think of how to lose side fat is by working their obliques, that's  probably one of the worst way to get rid of your side fat.

If you are trying to lose your side fat and you're doing a lot of obliques work you have to stop it immediately the reason why is because you're building muscle underneath your fat which is not good because all you doing is pushing the fat out that's why you need to be totally shredded before you start working your obliques.

                                                                       How to lose side fat

                                                                         1- Workout
You need to workout because you need to build muscle to increase metabolism in your body the higher your metabolism is the more muscle you have the more fat you will burn so you got to workout consistently consistent means minimum about 4 day a week, now don’t get crazy and workout for 2 or 3 hour I'm talking about 20 minute workouts are rally good you can go to about an hour this is a video that show an easy workout that you should try it.

                                       2-Eat clean

So if you ever wondered how to eat clean i promise it’s not as hard as it may seems first,the truth is that you really cannot reach any of your fitness goals without eating clean,you can’t workout at the gym and expect to have optimal results if you leave the  gym to go through the drive-thru. It’s just not going to get you where you want to go, Food is the big ticket to good health. If you eat garbage your body will show it. If you eat whole, healthy and fresh foods your body will show that too, watch video for more information. 


Cardio keep in mind when I say cardio i don't mean to spend a lot of time because remember when you workout it’s gone be anywhere from 20 minutes up to 1 hour that a lot of times include some cardio , make sure you’re cardio is done after your muscle building workout so this way you don’t exhaust your muscle before you actually use them,your cardio doesn’t need to be more than 10 minute long ,what I usually do is a 1hour weight training then I will finish off with either some abs or cardio and abs and I got a very short one that I'm going to show you today
That's it, visit how to lose side fat again for more tips

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