Friday, May 29, 2015


Tips On How To Lose Side Fat

Are you one of those people who find it hard to whittle their waistlines?

Some feel that losing an inch or two from their midsection can make a wonderful difference in their lives that's if they can make it happen.

Learning how to lose side fat  is not hard, it's an uphill climb but entirely possible and achievable, You can get the results you want when you commit and preserve in following these steps:

                                                                  1- Eat A Hearty Breakfast 

Studies have shown that taking breakfast within the hour you wake up or after exercising early in the morning helps your body keep your insulin level balanced and your cholesterol levels lower.

As such, you're less likely to deal with fitness-damaging cravings at other times of the day and are more likely to stick to your diet plan.

Make sure that you eat breakfast at the same time daily so you don't throw your body  clock off also, see to it that your breakfast meal isn't packed with sugar-rich foods like waffles, pancakes, sugar-coated cereals, french toast, or buttery pastries. Go for high fiber and protein rich food like eggs, fresh fruits, and vegetables.

You can have a sweet treat of a moderate portion in the mornings but only as dessert, not your main meal.

                                                  1-sleep at least seven hours each night

This will help keep your body clock ticking at an even and steady rhythm, as well as support the benefits of eating breakfast.

Sleeping  for six hours or less may trigger the spike of certain hormones, especially those that induce cravings for sugary and fatty foods.

Also, you still burn calories even as you sleep so it's smart to let your body burn off those calories without you having to break into a sweat.

For more information you can read: how sleep can help to lose more side fat

                                             3- Avoid Late Night Snacking

Your body needs less energy in the evening as it is preparing to wind down after a full day of activity.

The excess calories you take in at night are most likely to be stored as fat, especially in your belly Instead, save your calorie-laden feeding for the start of the day and eat less in the evening.

                                                  4-Break Up Your Meals Of The Day

Instead of having three big meals, why don't you divide them into five or six small meal?

Space them out evenly, so you're constantly feeding yourself, which keeps your metabolism going.

Starving yourself or restricting your food intake will just put your body into self-preservation mode, which means your metabolism will burn at a slower rate to conserve energy.

Make sure that your meals have plenty of greens and lean proteins, They should also be low in calories.

                                               5-Exercice with intensity

You don't really have to workout for hours just to shave of inches off your waist.

You can do short intense routines that burn more calories and take up less time, start with two-minute workout intervals, For examples you can run as fast as you can for that period of time and the rest for a minute before going back to sprinting.

you can also do steps for that same amount of time and take one-minute breaks in between or you can do a plank for a full minute and rest  in between intervals.

                                                6-Drink A Lot Of Water

Drinking a lot of water will help your body flush out toxins and wastes, this also helps you feel full and keep from feeling hunger pangs.

that's it for today if you have any question please feel free to write it in the comment section below and I will answer as soon as possible.

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