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Causes Of Side Fat

Side fat is one of the biggest problem that face man and woman in their way to a great sexy body.

It's really hard to get rid of it, but it's not  impossible if you follow a good workout and healthy diet plan.

Knowing what causes this problem in an important step to know how to lose side fat.
Today, we are going to talk about the most common thing that causes love handles.

                                                                Cause #1
                                               Excess Body Fat

If you have a body fat percentage of over 25 or 26 percent and you just started your workout programme and diet about a month to 2 month ago and it's not just going away yet give it time.

The way to get off those love handles is just going to be a good diet and exercise and by now you are probably saying "I've been working out for six weeks and I haven"t seen any result" you've been accumulating this body for months or even years so it's gone take a little bit of time to get your body back to normal so just be patient, keep going and keep doing your lean healthy diet.

The Excess body fat  can cause a lot of health problem like heart disease, type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure.

Brandon carter has made a video on how to burn body fat and it's really helped me you should really watch it. 
                                                                     Cause #2
                                            Estrogen Dominance

Estrogen dominance is exactly what it sound like excess of estrogen, if you have more estrogen than progesterone   and also if you have more bad estrogen than good estrogen.

You have probably had estrogen dominance at one point of your life and if you haven't you are very very lucky.

It could very well be the causes of your side fat,so if you overall pretty healthy you diet you exercise and you're working very hard but you still have this side fat and you can get rid of it than you might be experiencing estrogen dominance.

There are two causes of estrogen dominance,the first cause is that Maybe your body is just like this and maybe you just naturally produce too much estrogen , the second cause  could be the stuff that you're eating and that you're putting on your skin.

Estrogen dominance can be treated, watch this video for more information

                                                                  Cause #3
                                            Muscular Imbalance

The last major reason that you may have side fat is due to muscular imbalance.
A lot of people have a desk job a lot of people are sitting all day long  which makes their abdominal muscle, glutes and hamstrings very weak and  this causes something called   "anterior pelvic tilt" which look like this

If you are suffering from "anterior pelvic tilt" don't worry it can be fixed and this is a video that will help you to do that.

Now that you know what causes side fat read this post to know how to get rid of side fat

This article Was taken from: and a lot of wrong information has been  corrected.


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